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803, 2015

Add Models To Forest Pack Pro Library

Forest Pack Pro is the best scatter tool i used in 3Dsmax. Our plant models already ready to work with Forest Pack Pro, it easy to add our plant models to its library. The video below show [...]

803, 2015

GrowFX Tutorials-Making Of Clover

This is a basic tutorial show how to use GrowFX to making of clover. In my memory, it's difficult to created grass when i began to use GrowFX, there just had some tutorials how to created trees on [...]

803, 2015

Setup Vertex Color In GrowFX

In this tutorial, let's talk about  "vertex color" in GrowFX , the picture shows below easily explain what is "vertex color" function and how it used.  We can easily control the color change of the plant models [...]

803, 2015

Grow Parameters In GrowFX

GrowFX provides a powerful growth animation function. People will use several days to created a growth plant model in the past, but a few hours through GrowFX now. Let’s start this tutorial with a small tree, this is [...]