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This Volume of Free Models includes 14 single/set models, each one is prepared to use with Corona and V-Ray renderer DOWNLOAD LINKS Counterpose_Plywood_Chair Crowdyhouse_Batea_Coffee_Table_set Crowdyhouse_Leonard_Sideboard_set Crowdyhouse_Robot_Harrie_set Crowdyhouse_Shhh_Silence_Print_set Gaber_Epica_Chair_Set LileSadi_Daily_Gems_Hexagon_set Petal_Wood_Side_Table_set Specimen_Editions_Concrete_Vase_set Stitched_Wooden_Coffee_Table_set Tonton_Television_Wooden_Cabinet Wooden_Hexagonal_Wall_set Workshoptonic_Etienne_Chair_Set Zakkia_Ghost_Concrete_Vase_set

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GrowFX Tutorials-Making Of Clover

This is a basic tutorial show how to use GrowFX to making of clover. In my memory, it's difficult to created grass when i began to use GrowFX, there just had some tutorials how to created trees on Exlevel website, no tutorials no sample files. But it seems very easy to created some little grass now.  Anyway, i hope this [...]

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Setup Vertex Color In GrowFX

In this tutorial, let's talk about  "vertex color" in GrowFX , the picture shows below easily explain what is "vertex color" function and how it used.  We can easily control the color change of the plant models to create  more realistic plant material via "vertex color" function. Vertex color is a powerful function in GrowFX, allow mixed [...]

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Grow Parameters In GrowFX

GrowFX provides a powerful growth animation function. People will use several days to created a growth plant model in the past, but a few hours through GrowFX now. Let’s start this tutorial with a small tree, this is a small Broadleaf tree created in GrowFX with 5 paths.   And then select path ”trunk”, open “Direction modifiers”, you [...]

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